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New beginnings: An Ostara celebration circle for women & children

On 21st March we gathered around the fire to celebrate Ostara, also known as Spring Equinox. Blessed with a day of beautiful sunshine and fresh early Spring air, we sang and shared and created a group nature mandala. The joy and relaxation visible on the faces of the Mamas and wildlings is what these days are about. Find out more

Axes ‘n primroses – March 2022 volunteer day

Plans for our March volunteer day were to continue with thinning the woodland around the site for the Woodland Pavillion. We got straight to work felling trees and processing and storing the timber; and everybody had a turn at learning how to safely and respectfully fell with an axe. Chickpea curry was on the menu for lunch, and we slowly gravitated back towards the heathland sunshine for a post lunch rest and chat. Find out more

Felling trees, singing songs – February 2022 volunteer day

The pine plantation that borders the heathland by the woodland pavilion site was in serious need of thinning, so our volunteers took the chance to learn how to fell a tree safely with a felling axe and crosscut saw. We continued thinning, chopping and brashing into the late afternoon, and after a day of hard work some of us stayed to enjoy a hot drink and sign songs around the fire. Find out more

Our Woodland Pavilion plans get underway

At the beginning of the year we announced plans to build a Woodland Pavillion for community gatherings. A fair few people have since kindly come forwards offering to help, and we met last Saturday to get to know one another, discuss progress and challenger encountered so far, and decide how to proceed further. Find out more

Dead hedges and hazel archways – January 2022 volunteer day

Our first volunteer day of 2022 was the busiest yet in terms of the number of volunteers. We continued our efforts around the forest campsite area. We worked hard and made great progress, but there was also a lot of mischief and laughter. A group of us stayed on to enjoy the early darkness, bonding around the bonfire and marvelling at the beauty of the heathland bathed in the silver light of the near full moon. Find out more

The elfwoods woodland pavilion: A rally call

We’re thrilled to share that we’re working on fulfilling a core part of our vision and aspirations for elfwoods by pushing ahead with consented plans for a woodland pavilion for community gatherings. We’re extending an open invitation to anyone who feels called to become part of this exciting project for 2022. Find out more

Heather and mulled cider – December 2021 volunteer day

Mist abounded this morning as our volunteers arrived ready to get stuck in to more willow weaving. Continuing work on the campsite area from our last volunteer day, we made extra fencing posts, finished weaving the willow and silver birch campsite pitch boundary, and also tied in the moon gate entranceway. Find out more

Moon gate and bean chilli – November 2021 volunteer day

Yesterday we came together for another elfwoods volunteer day. As with last month the focus remained on the forest campsite area, where we worked on creating pitch boundaries, removing stumps and clearing bracken. The pitches are really beginning to take shape. We made good progress weaving a willow fence for the pitch boundaries, and also crafted an impressive moon gate. Find out more

Stumps and sausages – October 2021 volunteer day

We had our October volunteer day last Sunday, and it was lots of fun as well as hard work! Focusing on the area designated as the elfwoods’ forest campsite, we removed old tree stumps to aid in levelling the pitches, chopped firewood for our campers, and cleared piles of dead leaves and bracken. Find out more