Axes ‘n primroses – March 2022 volunteer day

Our last volunteer day of Winter was spent surrounded by signs of early spring; with a radiant sun shining on budding beech and rowan, and blooming primroses. Early bumblebees and brimstone butterflies were out, and the persistent sound of green woodpeckers carving their nesting holes filled the air.

Plans for the day were to continue with thinning the woodland around the site for the Woodland Pavillion. Most of the volunteers had also joined us for the previous volunteer day, so were confident getting straight to work felling trees and processing and storing the timber. It was nice to welcome some new faces too, and everybody had a turn at learning how to safely and respectfully fell a tree with an axe and crosscut saw.

Chickpea curry was on the menu for lunch again, and enjoyed by all judging by the empty pot and bowls. One of our volunteers had foraged primrose flowers, and everyone enjoyed learning that these were edible and trying them – and they made a beautiful garnish for the curry! The fire and hearty food kept us warm in the shade around the communal firepit, but we slowly gravitated back towards the heathland sunshine for a post lunch rest and chat.

A number of our volunteers had to leave immediately after lunch but a small group of us continued work into the afternoon, until a chillier than expected wind whipped up, drawing us together around the fire a little earlier than usual. Nonetheless we achieved a great deal, and the woodland is looking all the better for it.
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