The elfwoods woodland pavilion: A rally call

We’re thrilled to share that we’re working on fulfilling a core part of our vision and aspirations for elfwoods by pushing ahead with consented plans for a woodland pavilion for community gatherings.

We’re extending an open invitation to anyone who feels called to become part of this exciting project for 2022. Right now we’re rallying for urgent support with activities such as fundraising, volunteer coordination and social media outreach. Contact us to tell us how you may be able to help bring our ambitious project to fruition.

Overlooking our heathland restoration project, and blending into the surrounding woodland, the Pavilion’s organic design will ground visitors in, and foster connections with Nature and the animate world. Open on its South side, the round natural timber structure will be full of curves, nooks and crannies. Earthen walls and green roof will help inspire connection to its natural setting. Given that storytelling and artistic expression also play an essential part in creating a deep and meaningful connection to the natural surroundings, and Nature at large, elements of woodland culture, legend and mythology will be woven into our plans.

This not-quite-indoors, not-quite-outdoors space will expand our ability to fulfil our vision for elfwoods by enabling us to run activities that naturally lend themselves to a semi-enclosed space, such as workshops and lectures. It will also mean we can continue running ‘outdoor’ activities on cold or wet days. Additionally, storage, kitchen, and separate composting toilet and washroom facilities add to our capacity to facilitate Nature-based learning opportunities, events, creativity, recreation, and low-impact tourism.

We also see this as an opportunity to inspire; demonstrating what can be achieved with natural, low-impact building methods, local resources and engagement from the local community in learning traditional skills, enjoying Nature and coming together to create something for the benefit of all in the spirit of mutual care and support.

While we’re working on finalising the building design, schedule and budget, we need support from those who would like to help us in any way with the following activities:

  • Fundraising: You could help raise funds to purchase materials that cannot be found on site. This will involve finding and applying for grants and coordinating fundraising events. You could also help by organising a fundraising activity or event.
  • Coordinating volunteers: You could help in recruiting volunteers or organising volunteer activities.
  • Organising courses: You could help by facilitating the courses run by skilled craftspeople; publishing learning opportunities or recruiting trainees.
  • Reaching out: You could help by writing blogs posts; taking care of our social media accounts; finding and managing channels to advertise opportunities and activities; taking high quality photos/videos…
  • Nourishing and sheltering: You could help by making sure everybody is fed and watered during fundraiser events, volunteer days and courses; and in ensuring volunteers and trainees have a place to stay at our campsite.
  • Artists: The community shelter will be a work of art. You could help us weave the concepts underpinning our woodland culture into the fabric of the building.
  • Building design and planning: We have a number of natural builders working on this already, but you’re welcome to join us if you’d like to contribute at this early stage.

We’re aware this may be a big ask, and we hope we can find ways of giving something meaningful and fulfilling back to you for your support. Most of what all of us strive to do is in the spirit of mutual support, respect and generosity.

We’d love to hear from you if you could help us in any way, big or small, so please contact us. We’ll be gathering in a few weeks’ time to meet each other and discuss how to proceed. If you can’t offer support right now but would like to be kept up to date with progress, please join our mailing list below.

Three cheers to a 2022 full of fun, re-connecting with Nature, learning and community!