Moon gate and bean chilli – November 2021 volunteer day

Yesterday we came together for another elfwoods volunteer day. As with last month the focus remained on the forest campsite area, where we worked on creating pitch boundaries, removing stumps and clearing bracken. 

The pitches are really beginning to take shape. We made good progress weaving a willow fence for one of the pitch boundaries, and also crafted an impressive moon gate entranceway.

Another big task ticked off was the removal a particularly large and deep rooted stump from another of the pitches. Our future campers will sleep much more comfortably now!

Heathland restoration is an ongoing task at elfwoods, and we also worked hard raking slashed bracken into piles ready for collection and composting. With more light and space the underlying patches of heather and other vegetation we’re aiming to encourage should now have a better chance to thrive.

As well as time in Nature, a natural workout and good company, we shared a hot meal together around the fire at lunchtime, giving us a boost for some more work before the sun set.

We hope to begin running volunteer days on a more regular basis shortly. Please contact us if you’d like to join us as a volunteer or visit our conservation and volunteering page to find out more.