Dead hedges and hazel archways – January 2022 volunteer day

Our first volunteer day of 2022 was the busiest yet in terms of the number of volunteers joining us for hard work and good fun in Nature.

We continued our efforts around the forest campsite area, working to complete the first pitch; digging and lining a fire pit, and raking the floor to make it nice and even for the comfort of our campers. We also made great progress with the second pitch, completing a dead hedge from scratch using silver birch, coppiced sweet chestnut and southern beech, and creating an arch entranceway with coppiced hazel; all from elfwoods.

A lunch of dhal and rice was shared around the fire, and with warm food in our bellies work pace reached a feverish pitch. We worked hard and made great progress, but there was also a lot of mischief and laughter. While motivated to finish as much as possible before it got too dark, work was finally brought to a halt when we ran out of suitably long cut lengths of hazel to complete the archway.

A group of us stayed on to enjoy the early darkness, bonding around the bonfire and marvelling at the beauty of the heathland bathed in the silver light of the near full moon.

If you enjoy spending your free time in a stunning natural setting engaged in satisfying work with like-minded others, why not join us? Contact us if you’d like to come along to the next elfwoods volunteer day, or join our mailing list below to find out about future volunteer days.