The Mother’s Fire: A gathering for mothers and children

The Mother’s Fire is a nature-based gathering for mothers and children of all ages, where we gather together beneath open sky and around the fire, cultivating relationships with each other and the natural world. We come together to sing, to share, to connect with other mothers and women, and to offer our children a sense of belonging and safety in community.  Each week we learn about plant and seasonal wisdom, make locally foraged herbal teas and cook our foraged delights on the open fire.  So we build knowledge, skill, and a remembrance of our natural rhythmic and cyclical ways with a consistent nature connection practice. We create natural crafts, play games and have lots of fun, laughter and play together!

The Mother’s Fire sessions at elfwoods

The Mother’s Fire follows the Wheel of the Year and runs on a termly basis in line with the fire and quarter festivals that mark the year. We run on Monday afternoons 1-4 pm. Mothers and women are welcome to attend, and children from babes in arms to teenagers, as we are creating that natural village setting where all ages are involved and welcome.

Who are we?

Ayla Willow has been running nature based circles for women and children since 2019; combining many passions and gifts in spaceholding, nature connection, singing and creating connection through community. She has past experience working in the field of education and the NHS, before leaving the institutional world to become a 1:1 coach and pursuing a calling to depth work and earth-based/shamanic practices. She later developed an interest in community building, and has set up a range of community spaces, including these women and children gatherings, womens’ circles and conscious dance community. She has trained as a Mother’s Fire leader with The Village, a Belonging. She is also a conscious/ecstatic dance facilitator (in the modality of Middle Earth Medicine Ways), a singer and a voice facilitator.

Booking & contact details

There are 16 places available in each session. Sessions are £15 per adult, which includes all craft materials and a warm cup of herbal tea for adults and children. Wildlings/children go free. There are limited concessions available – please get in touch to find out more.

Please bring your own cups and cutlery, drinks and snacks, and anything for your own additional comfort (e.g. rugs/blankets).

You can contact Ayla using any of the methods below, or select ‘Book now‘ to book a space in one of the groups: