elfwoods summer gathering 2022 – Celebrating woodland culture

There was a festive mood in the air at elfwoods last weekend as our growing woodland community gathered en masse to celebrate the arrival of summer and our achievements over the past year. Bunting was hung, fairly lights were strewn, temporary bracken loos were set up, tents were pitched… Walking through the woods the badger, fox and deer must have been alerted to the fact that something special was going on.

And something special it was: a weekend forming new friendships and deepening existing ones, fostering our woodland culture through activities, food, music, drinks and general merriment in the stunning natural surroundings. The community came together to share and offer skills in organising pre-planned and spontaneous activities throughout the weekend. There was everything  from trail runs to wool carding; shamanic journeying to sunspot astronomy; yoga to whittling, group percussion and singing to DJ sessions.

The weather held mostly, and we were able to celebrate well into the mid summer evenings, with children enjoying the mystery and excitement of playing in the woods past their usual bedtimes, and adults partying well into the evening around the fire pits. When sleep was finally due, we did so at the campsite we’ve created; listening to the hoot of the owls and bark of the deer.

We’d like to thank everybody in our woodland community not only for their selfless dedication, enthusiasm and hard work, but also for the manifest love, appreciation and fun they bring with them. Elfwoods is what it is because of them. A special thanks goes out to Chris North, who came out of nowhere and brought us together in celebration through his Lifemusic before leaving again, asking nothing in return.

As we return full use of the heathland back to its usual inhabitants, the only traces we leave are the good energy of our wonderful gathering, and a string of colourful bunting flying between the trees carrying the well wishes of each of our community members in the knots they tied.